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by Sheila Murrell

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About Us

Why Lovely Things Exquisite Collection?

  • Lovely Things Exquisite Collection was born when customers came to Sheila Murrell because they couldn't find the perfect garment to fit their figure. Sometimes they found the right style but it was the wrong color, poor quality of fabrics and ill fit. These women also were looking for elegance and modesty. They were looking for the garments that reflected elegance, femininity and modesty.

  • We furnish the service that provide our customers with:

  •  One-of-a-kind beautiful garments for women of all ages
  •  Unique way of styling to enhance different shapes
  •  Perfect fit for the curvaceous women
  •  Natural luxurious imported fabrics 
  •  Peace of mind due to quality, comfort and fit

About Sheila Murrell

  • Sheila was born in Harlem and raised up in Crown Heights section of Brooklyn. She was searching for her identity until she found the TRUTH - HER MESSIAH. She also discovered that she was a Black Jew. In all Sheila's endeavors she always acknowledges the Source of her life and inspirations - THE CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE - THE GREAT EL SHADDAI!

  • Sheila graduated from Fashion Institute Of Technology and Pratt Institute in New York City. She worked in the industry since 1963 as an Assistant Designer, Production Pattern Maker and a Designer. Sheila taught fashion design and pattern making at Pratt Institute, Moore College of Art and Design and Marymount College in New York City.

  • This Collection is for a refined woman, a woman of valor, a woman of Mishle/Proverbs 31. She is called "Eshet chayil" in Hebrew.  It also represents a gracious, elegant and modest woman according to the Biblical womanhood.

  • Sheila Murrell dresses women who want to be unique, elegant, sophisticated and sexy. I create a Timeless Elegant Classic collection for women that can be worn as a stylish sportswear, business wear and evening wear.

Simply the Best!

  • Impeccably designed, the Lovely Things Exquisite Collection by Sheila Murrell offers: 
  • clean lines and customized coloration
  • exclusive fabrics
  • exceptional attention to details
  •  fit and finish
  • Made in the USA